Guy de Selliers

About Guy

Guy is an exceptionally seasoned business executive with a unique blend of experience spanning both private and public sectors, across developed and developing countries. Through his work on behalf of; Public Institutions, Governments, and Companies, Guy possesses a profound understanding of the concerns and constraints of a wide range of stakeholders. His understanding is paramount in the development of major projects and other transactions, particularly in the developing world. Consequently, he excels at effectively resolving challenging situations involving mining companies and their host countries.

Key past transactions:

Over his 45-year career, Guy has been involved in innumerable transactions across a multitude of sectors spanning all continents, including as both an advisor and principle within, equity, debt, M&A and political risk insurance. Some of the most notable activities relating to the natural resource sector include his involvement with SNIM in Mauritania over the last 40 years, Board Member and Adviser to Ivanhoe Mines over the previous 15 years and acting as a co/chairman on behalf of the EC of a committee created to facilitate the financing of large-scale Oil & Gas projects in Russia. As well as acting as an advisor to Rio-Tinto on the Simandou project, Guy has been the Executive Chairman of the Nimba project in Guinea, he was a Miga agent and advisor to MIGA clients, a strategic and financing adviser for the development of the Anaklia Port in Georgia, lead non-executive director of Norilsk Nickel, and a project finance advisor for the US$ 4bn limited recourse financing for Oyu Tolgoi alongside many others.

Key Roles

Guy has held senior executive positions in both multilateral organisations and private sector firms. Starting as a project officer in the mining division of the World Bank from 1977 to 1983, followed by senior Vice-president at Lehman Brothers focusing on the mining sector. In 1990, he became the first member of the team creating the European Bank for Reconstruction and Developing and member of its executive Committee. Later, he held senior positions with Fleming Bank, Chase Manhattan and JP Morgan before he created HCF International Advisers. In addition, Guy took on several non-executive roles including Solvay SA, Norilsk Nickel, AGEAS (vice-chairman, AG Insurance (Chairman), Ivanhoe mines and  others. He currently devotes the majority of his time in HCF business.

Education, Citizenship, and Languages

Masters of Engineering, University of Louvain

Masters of Economics, University of Louvain

Belgian citizen

Languages: French, English, Dutch